SBM Ventures LLC provides growth capital by focusing investment into businesses that offer, or are about to offer, services and products using proprietary technologies that are unique, defendable and deliverable: We accelerate established success to the next level.

Our objective is to advance dynamic businesses with completed development and client traction, and with a capacity to increase sales by $20 million / £20 million or more, within 24 months: We anticipate these scalable new revenues equivalent to $10 million / £10 million capital investment provision.

We are investing in, and acquiring, businesses to add to a robust investments portfolio that demonstrates operating histories with top-line revenues of at least $10 million or £8 million, and a minimum enterprise value between $10 million and $125 million (£9 million to £150 million).

If you believe your business fits our investment criteria and can demonstrate exceptional management with headquarters in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, let’s talk about the next step.